NUTRIVENTION Lecture Conference Nutrition - Nutrient - Prevention

Under the guiding concept of NUTRIVENTION, Medical Week 2023 offers you a continuous series of lectures on the topics of nutrition, nutrients and prevention. You can listen to top-class lectures by recognized experts in this field on each congress day in the morning and afternoon.

Wednesday 01. November 2023 Afternoon 14:30-18:00:
FOM - Forum for Orthomolecular Therapy
Basic biochemical care as the basis of any therapy

1. desire for children - micronutrients to improve egg and sperm quality (Dr. R.Hannen)

2. iron - assessment of laboratory values and intravenous iron administration. (Dr. R.Didier)

3. high dose vitamin D therapy according to Coimbra. Background and experiences (Dr. R.Didier)

4. Brown Tuning: Fit + Powerful with Healthy Nutrition and Micronutrients (Dr. C. Lohse)

Thursday 02. November 2023 Morning 08:30-12:30:
SSAAMP - Swiss Society for AntiAging Medicine and Prevention
Better Aging with Micronutrients

1. better-aging: meaningful laboratory analyses (Prof. B. Schütz)

2. better-aging and acid-base balance (Dr. van Limburg Stirum)

3. better-aging from within (Prof. C. Muss)

4. better-aging from the outside (Dr. M. Wagener)


Thursday 02. November 2023 Afternoon 14:30-18:00:
Ärzteplattform Österreich
Micronutrients and nutrition in chronic diseases

1. orthomolecular adjunctive therapy in malignant diseases (Dr. E. Gaisfuss)

2. vitamin D high-dose therapy in autoimmune diseases (Prof. U. Ammon)

3. energy production in CFS by orthomolecular substitution (Dr. G. Stossier)

4. orthomolecular substances in fasting and Mayr therapy (Prof. H. Stossier)

Friday 03. November 2023 Morning 08:30-12:30:
Dr. Volker Schmiedel
The importance of omega-3 fatty acids

1. warm greetings - omega-3 fatty acids in cardiology (Prof. C. von Schacky)

2. O-3 fatty acids - indispensable in holistic cancer therapy (Kratzler)

3. omega-3 fatty acids - update 2023 (pharmacist U. Gröber)

4. O-3 fatty acids - avoiding pitfalls, concrete practical tips (Dr. V. Schmiedel) 

Friday 03. November 2023 Afternoon 14:30-18:00:
EMG - Society for Evolutionary Medicine and Health
Human Evolution and Health

1. the Wounded Mind - The splintered Psyche of Modern World (Dr. K.L. Dennis, UK)

2 The Carnivore Diet in Health and Disease (Dr. S Baker)

3. cancer as a step backwards in evolution - implication for nutritional therapy (PD R.J. Klement).

4. co-evolution of viruses and humans (Prof. U. Kämmer)

5. why we need a new health culture (Prof. J Spitz) 

Saturday 04 November 2023 morning 08:30-12:30:
Academy of Micronutrient Medicine.
New findings in micronutrient medicine

1. new findings on coenzyme Q10 in cardiology and anti-aging medicine (Prof. U. Alehagen)

2. Update 2023 on Selenium and Selenoprotein P (Prof. L. Schomburg)

3. mechanisms of biological aging and their influence (Prof. J. Bergemann)

4. NAD+ - an important senolytic (Pharmacist U. Gröber) 

Saturday 04. November 2023 afternoon 14:30-18:00:
International Society of Mayr Doctors
Movement and sport therapy in Mayr medicine

1. introduction and overview of Mayr Medicine (Dr. S. Fegerl)

2. sports and exercise therapy as a pillar in Mayr Medicine (Dr. M. Schubert)

3. the muscle as an endocrine organ - myokines and health (Dr. C. Hohmann)

4. overmotivated but untrained - creation of a training plan (E. Becker)

5. heart rate variability for training control (Prof. K. Hottenrott) 

Sunday 05. November 2023 morning 08:30-12:30:
AOM - Austrian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine
Orthomolecular Medicine and Salutogenesis

1. the importance of acid-base balance - orthomolecular intervention (Dr. S. Kober)

2. the redox system and the influence of micronutrients (Dr. S. Kober)

3. biotransformation and detoxification - mechanisms and nutrients (Dr. U. Böhm)

4. mitochondrial function - dependence on micronutrients (Dr. U. Böhm) 

Sunday 05. November 2023 afternoon 14:30-18:00:
GVF - Society for Vitamin Research
News about vitamins and minerals

1. welcome and introduction to the topic (Prof. M. Eggersdorfer)

2. meatless - the new trend. Examples and nutrient supply (Prof. M. Eggersdorfer).

3. vegan and vegetarian nutrition - where do we stand?  (Prof. M. Keller)

4. how healthy is a plant-based diet. (Dr. U. Obermüller-Jevic)

5. GVF Award Ceremony

6. lecture of the awardee